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One of Ohio’s Ten Accredited Forensic Centers


Forensic Evaluation Service Center is one of ten accredited Forensic Evaluation Centers and serves those counties north of Cincinnati and south of Dayton. We are centered in Hamilton, Ohio and primarily work in Butler, Warren, Clinton, Preble, Pike and Highland counties.

Our Legal Examiners have years of experience in forensic mental health evaluations. Our psychologists and psychiatrist specialize in assessment work for pre and post-conviction evaluations, and guardianships and probate court, as well as classification evaluations, and risk assessments. We are knowledgeable about adult and juvenile court systems, probation and parole, and Re-entry programs.

Our clients are the courts and criminal justice professionals, as well as mental health and recovery services boards.


Jenny O’Donnell, Psy.D.

Forensic Director and Legal Examiner


Dr. O’Donnell’s professional experience started in 1995 when she started working under the mentorship of Nancy Schmidtgoessling and William Walters at Central Clinic/Court Clinic.  Her clinical training also included the Cincinnati VA and an internship at Central Louisiana State Psychiatric Hospital on the forensic inpatient units and at the state residential facility for severely and profoundly developmentally delayed residents. Jenny has been the Forensic Director of this center since 2011 and served as the director briefly from 2005 to 2006. She has worked in the adult and the juvenile court systems, and is known for her innovative program serving the Re-Entry population and for her efforts to create alternatives to hospitalization for competency restoration.

Dr. O’Donnell has served on the Ohio Forensic Evaluation Center Director Association since 2011 and served at the Quality Assurance Chair and now the Education Chair.

Our Legal Examiners

Dr. Julia King

Dr. Robert Kurzhals

Dr. Kara Marciani

Dr. Joy McGhee

Dr. Edwina Zettler