Experts in forensic mental health evaluations

We are a small team of experts who provide mental health evaluations to the courts and criminal justice-related government agencies. 

We take only court-ordered evaluations from judges, magistrates or prepaid cases from defense counsel. We do not do private evaluations for divorce or child custody.

Our clients are the courts and we provide the legal community with objective expert mental health opinions about psycho-legal questions such as sanity, competency to stand trial or guardianship.

Our team of forensic psychologists and psychiatrists have a wide range of specialties and years of experience primarily in Ohio’s Common Pleas (adult, juvenile and probate) and municipal courts. We can serve as experts for probation departments, Adult Protective Services and federal courts.

We also work with our counties’ mental health boards as consultants for systems questions/opportunities and provide court-related education services including conference planning, and mandatory parenting education for Domestic Relations Courts.



Jennifer O’Donnell, Psy.D., CEO, Forensic Director, founder

Tammy Moore, Administrator

Dr. O’Donnell started working in the intersection of mental health and the criminal court system through the Court Clinic/Central Clinic in 1995. Since then she has provided evaluations to courts from Cincinnati to Columbus and from east to west. She is the founder of FESC, a non-profit dedicated to providing expert professional mental health evaluations to all the courts and court-related entities in our region.

Tammy Moore has been coordinating the scheduling for the courts for over 15 years. She is very familiar with the people and procedures in the various courts and jurisdictions and adeptly manages the agency’s schedule to meet (at least) 17 different courts’ schedules.

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The FESC Experts

Legal Examiners and Administrative Professionals

In keeping with Ohio law, FESC contracts with forensic Ph.D.s/Psy.D.s and M.D.s who not only have decades of experience in diagnosing and treating mental illness, but also are specifically trained in understanding the language and processes of the courts and the scientific process that goes into an evaluation.

  • Dr. Robert Kuzhals
  • Dr. Angie Ledgerwood
  • Dr. Joy McGhee
  • Dr. John Kennedy
  • Dr. Carla Dreyer
  • Dr. Bailey Bryant
  • Dr. Jennifer O’Donnell

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors bring business management, clinical, and criminal justice experience to advise us on best practices in their respective fields creating a sustainable and well run non-profit to serve six counties in our service area.


Our 2019-2021 Board Members are:

  • Robert Mencke
  • Holly Harris-Ifeakanwa
  • Patrick Demmer
  • Kathy Becker
  • Sherrie Kleinholtz
  • Dr. Celeste Waller